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The criminal justice system is full of biases and unfair advantages that skew the law in favor of people who fit the profile of the "average American." At Barker & Tolini, P.C., we see no credibility in a legal system that mistreats its people in this manner. Our clients come to us after being charged with crimes they may or may not have committed, but all too often, the consequences they face far outweigh the crimes they are charged with.

This is particularly true in drug defense issues. The laws in place today support a systematic incarceration of people of color and people of lower socioeconomic means. These laws do not represent or protect the people, but rather, interfere with their right to live life as they choose.

Barker & Tolini, P.C., Combating An Unjust Criminal Justice System

As criminal defense lawyers protecting clients in Colorado Springs and Pueblo County and throughout Colorado, we strive to not only level the playing field, but also to get real results for our clients by having charges dropped, cases dismissed and otherwise keeping them out of prison.

Our leading attorneys, Jeff Barker and Joshua Tolini, offer every client:

  • Bold representation and the will to take our clients' cases as far as they need to go in courtroom proceedings
  • Imaginative defense to uncover the technicalities and opportunities that make a difference, such as illegal search and seizure, unjust wiretapping and racial profiling
  • Tenacious advocacy when law enforcement and prosecutors try to intimidate or place barriers before our clients

We are here to do a job, and that job involves protecting you, the accused. We offer representation free from judgment and remain focused on upholding your right to fair and effective counsel every step of the way.

You deserve to have your voice heard. We can help make sure that happens with our more than 30 years of combined experience in challenging and complex criminal law matters on your side.

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